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This arvo: reading an article on MSN about cosmetics that gives me the heebeegeebees (how do you spell this ?) and prolly shouldn't read it.  I clicked across to a much less frightening T/F one on their beauty page Exposed: the top beauty myths  and another one pointing out that it's often the hidden ingredients, like preservatives, that will do mischief.

This is after sitting out at dinner last week hearing all about people who have just discovered things like off the shelf shampoos etc have many naughty ingredients in them which if over-exposed to them (or have sensitive skin) you can have a bad reaction.  There was much ooh-ing and swearing off all those things which don't cost that much and make us all look and smell rather noice  :)
That was a bit much but they were mostly 1. less intarweb savvy than I and 2. much more like hippies than I so yannoDinner was very nice so it's all good.

I have sensitive skin and have to be careful of stressors so occassionally delve into the more 'herbal' products for happiness and comfort but I'm also aware that there are a lot of other things in this world that can set off allergies and sometimes you need real medicine to fix them.  Sometimes not.  I'm always willing to give most things a try.  Last time I was having an issue I was "this close" to trying acupuncture even tho I am really scared of needles in me.

Point?  I think I've lost that as I'm doing this while working and chatting at the same time. 
I think it's about that there are a heap of risks out there and you sorta have to weigh up the good with the bad, like crossing a road and hoping an eastern suburbs bus driver doesn't choose that moment to go postal.  I think I'd really like to work on companies that distribute these products about a decent refillable line.  If hand soaps can do it why can't shampoo and body wash come in those breakdown type sachets?  And what happened to the squirty bottles that had a choice of buying the next one with a plain top and you swapped over the old squirty bit for a bottle top? 

hmmm, there's a lot of things that could be done better and some are in the nicer or more herbal brands but I'm more for the affordable and environmental at the same time.  Castles in the sky ? one day.
: )


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