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The Sydney Festival had lots of raw energy but little to challenge, write Bryce Hallett and Valerie Lawson.
SMH January 29, 2008

I'm not sure the critics recall it is a festival for the people.  Not everything can be great but it was diverse.

I really enjoyed La Clique, always love the Spigeltent.  Festival centred works can be challenging as Ngapatji Ngapatji was made for the festival circuit and as a vehicle for the people it is about as well as for the youth, but although not in it's first showing was too long and lacking enough structure and substance to form it into a well-made-play.  The question arises out of these kind of story-tellings if they should indeed be ranked against traditional theatre, even when they are sponsored by an award winning theatre being included in their annual subscription program.  Curated pieces can work better, like the biographic show about David Gulpilil which while still collaborative was vastly better for a regular theatre-going audience.  
One of my favourite pieces was Ana's exhibition in the Palm house in the Gardens - maybe because it was so witty and fun or that I know the artist and her work for 10+ years or it was just good and vastly rewarding to (find) see it on a hot sunny arvo.

pics tho
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 how on earth can they sell tickets to this with no leading male?
or is John Waters going to give us a treat?

who was the room on their credit card to book a group as I won't have any more theatre $$ until late Feb ...

EDIT:  this is too good http://www.punchanpie.net/cgi-bin/autokeenlite.cgi?date=20080109  
he he he


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