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one of them (Michiba Rokusaburo) was sadly in hospital recovering from exhaustion when tonight's episode was filmed sometime in 1995

However we get to enjoy Iron Chef Italian in the prelude instead.

Tonight's battle is ....

 man, I wanna see the ep where Jackie Chan was a judge
 - imagine if he hated the food ?
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tonight's ep of Iron Chef is Swallow's Nest battle
I'd heard of it and never seen it.  Chinese proverb says "serve the Swallow's Nest to the Emperor ..." and it is one of the most expensive ingredients ever used.  So I look it up and guess what, it is literally
dried swallow's nests (made from the bird's spit which dries in 'gummy strands') so I'm not anxious to try it but it seems if you order "bird's next soup" in western chinese restaurants it is noodles shaped like the original version.  
However because the chefs were making an Emperor's banquet the food and presentation is even more amazing than usual!    
nb: they got the super-duper judges out for this ep

After going 'oh wow' at the ingredient's definition I found the recipe for
Mango pudding - the popular dim sim dessert
This is worth trying to make as I love it.  Also explains why tinned mango is often in the asian food aisle in the stupidmarket.   Hmmm, now I want to find some mango lollies to get that taste .... off to Market town soon I think.

2 things you may not know about me - I have a strange affinity with orange foods and I hate eating fish if there is any likelihood  of getting a bone in my mouth.


Jan. 7th, 2007 11:31 pm
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If anyone is interested the tv guide says BattleStar Galactica is on tonight on 10 at 12.45am

I'll set the video to see what they really show ...


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