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Jun. 5th, 2006 08:44 pm
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Yesterday did a big assignment which involved a lot of staring at the computer and comtemplating what other people have said on the same topic, eventually wrote stuff, assembled portolio thing.
Today went to uni and presented said thingy in a group sharing thing and it went well, yay!
checked in with the prac office and I'm pencilled in for a cool placement - this makes the next stage more appealing.
next assignment is not due until tomorrow now due to lecturer being away ill
I went for a big window shop in town (outta da rain) on the way home, saw a lot of windows, poked around stuff, bought nuffin. I really wanted one of the pritty scarves but there were none in my price range/ colour/ pattern. I also thought about a new umbrella, looked but decided might save that up for bifday listings. Hats look nice on everyone else, there were berets but all the plain black ones had already gone. I think that means I can't have a plain black one as everyone else will be wearing one. If I could actually choose a colour on my own I had a choice of many.
Got home and made actual dinner, was yum.
now I'm tired

bed will come as soon as the Housewives finish.
more assignmenty tomorrow then.

oh, if anyone wants to get a colour done check this out
she's good - I had a B/W done a while ago, prehaircut so it was a lot of volume to deal with.

Can someone wake me at 7am?


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